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Factors that contribute to a large truck rollover accident

On Behalf of | Apr 20, 2023 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

Large truck accidents of all types can cause catastrophic damage to people and property. Anything from a rear-end to a lane-merge collision can be devasting when involving a commercial truck, but rollover accidents have the potential to cause unparalleled damage.

The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety explains that most deaths in large truck crashes are passenger vehicle occupants, due mostly to the fact that large trucks tend to be 20 or 30 times heavier. This staggering difference in weight means that a large truck can easily crush smaller vehicles in a rollover accident, so it is important for all drivers to understand the factors that might cause a commercial truck to roll over.

Driver negligence

Rollovers can happen if the driver is allowing distractions, driving recklessly or exhibiting any other form of negligence. While it is true that poor road conditions can contribute to rollovers, truck drivers have an obligation to uphold practices that keep themselves and other motorists safe, even if that means pulling over until the weather improves.

Faulty parts or maintenance

Damage or defects in a truck’s brakes, tires or steering systems can be the catalyst for a tragic rollover accident. Not only is the driver liable for safety hazards they fail to notice, but responsibility might also lie with the truck’s maintenance crews and parts manufacturers.

Cargo issues

When a truck carries excess cargo, or when the cargo is poorly distributed in the trailer, the poor weight management can send the trailer tumbling during a turn. Similarly, unsecured cargo may shift in the trailer and dangerously alter the truck’s center of gravity during transit.

Crush injuries resulting from rollovers often require extensive medical treatment or even amputation. Motorists who suffer from such injuries have the right to claim compensation from the trucking companies responsible for such suffering.