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What are the hazards of driving while distracted?

On Behalf of | Apr 18, 2023 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

Using a mobile device while driving can be dangerous for yourself and others on the road. In addition, Kansas has laws restricting certain activities if you are operating a motor vehicle.

If you drive regularly, you can benefit from learning more about distracted driving and its impact.

Divided attention while driving

Any activity that takes your eyes off the road or your hands off the steering wheel is distracting and could reduce your ability to react quickly. In addition, tasks that divide your mental focus can also be risky. For example, using a cell phone or mobile device to text, send emails or browse the internet can be dangerous and increase the likelihood of a car accident. Furthermore, activities like eating, applying make-up or changing the radio station can distract drivers. Some drivers can also become distracted while driving with children or pets in the car.

Consequences of distracted driving

Each day, distracted driving contributes to car crashes that result in serious injuries and fatalities. Teenage drivers are at particular risk for distraction if they engage in activities like driving with passengers or texting while driving.

In Kansas, it is illegal for anyone to send emails or text messages while driving. There are also restrictions for talking on a cell phone. However, apps and hands-free devices can assist motorists who need to make calls legally while driving. Violating these laws can result in tickets, fines and a possible license suspension after a second offense. Additionally, a court could consider distracted driving to be negligent behavior if the accident results in a personal injury lawsuit. If you are considering a personal injury lawsuit due to an accident, contact one of our Kansas City car accident lawyers today.

Driving while distracted is unsafe and could lead to severe injuries and legal consequences.