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Though many insurance companies work tirelessly to protect their insureds, other insurance companies do not always play by the rules. Sometimes those insurance companies put profits before their insureds and come up with all sorts of reasons to not defend you in a lawsuit.

At Harris & Hart Attorneys at Law, we have unique perspective from representing the insured in bad faith claims against their insurance provider when they fail to uphold the obligations stated in their policy, as well as defending insurance companies in bad faith claims raised by their customers. This broad experience garnered from working on both sides of these cases puts us in an even better position to help you with yours.

Understanding Bad Faith Tactics

No one likes to make a claim for bad faith against their insurance company. But there are times when an insured has little choice and must protect their interests. For instance, your insurance company may:

  • Wrongfully deny your claim
  • Fail to hire an attorney to defend you against a lawsuit
  • Refuse to afford insurance coverage
  • Simply continue to ignore you when you are being sued

Your insurance company might refuse to afford you coverage after a car accident even though you paid for an insurance policy to protect you against the claims you face. Insurance companies may even ignore you altogether and leave you to fend for yourself. If you believe an insurance company is taking advantage of you in Kansas or Missouri, then our firm may be able to help.

Experienced Attorneys With The Right Background For Your Case

Our team knows exactly how insurance companies operate regarding the duties they owe to their insureds because of our unique perspective from working on both sides of these cases.

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