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Dana Harris and Brette Hart founded Harris & Hart Attorneys at Law in 2012. For years, we have demonstrated our success as trial-proven attorneys for clients in the Kansas City area and throughout Kansas and Missouri.

We have a long history of successfully representing individuals and businesses. As a result of extensive legal experience, our attorneys understand what it takes to win.

In fact, we have tried hundreds of cases in our combined careers, resulting in a large percentage of victories for our clients.

Select Defense Verdicts

  • Represented a defendant at jury trial for personal injuries sustained by the plaintiff in a single-vehicle accident occurring on ice when the vehicle left the roadway. The plaintiff demanded $230,000 prior to trial. The jury found the accident was not due to any negligence by the defendant and returned a verdict in the defendant’s favor.
  • Represented a defendant in the first case ever tried under the newly established first-party negligent entrustment cause of action in Kansas. The jury found the plaintiff was more than 50 percent at fault for causing his own injuries, and no recovery was awarded against the defendant.
  • Represented a farmer in a lawsuit for negligence. The farmer’s truck malfunctioned while hauling hay, thereafter causing sparks. The hay bales on the truck caught fire, which then spread to the neighbor’s field and burned farm equipment and several hundred bales of hay. The jury found the farmer had no negligence and returned a verdict in the defendant’s favor.
  • Represented a defendant who had been sued as a result of an automotive accident. The plaintiff demanded $50,000 prior to trial for a rotator cuff tear. The jury found the plaintiff had sustained the rotator cuff tear from the accident but, because he had not yet had surgery to repair the injury, the jury did not believe the plaintiff would ever have the injury repaired. No damages were awarded to the plaintiff.
  • Represented a defendant who was sued as a result of an auto accident. The plaintiff underwent spinal surgery post-accident and demanded $100,000 prior to trial. The jury did not find surgery was caused by an auto accident and awarded the plaintiff no money.
  • Represented a defendant who was incarcerated following an auto accident that killed a head-of-household and 17-year-old son and injured two other family members. The total verdict for both wrongful death claims, at jury trial in Missouri, was $1.2 million — significantly less than the $10 million demanded by plaintiffs.
  • Defended multiple defendants in a railroad collision where the railroad company sought almost $1 million. Prevailed on summary judgment against the railroad company, and then prevailed again at both the Court of Appeals and Kansas Supreme Court.
  • Represented an insurance company in an action for declaratory judgment, seeking a determination that the policy did not afford coverage for a claim involving a party seeking over $500,000 in medical bills. Prevailed on summary judgment, with the court finding that no coverage existed with respect to the claim.
  • Obtained a verdict for a defendant in a wrongful death jury trial in Jackson County, Missouri, in June 2018. The case involved a single-vehicle accident where the plaintiff was the 19-month-old daughter of a deceased passenger in the vehicle. The defendant was the Estate of the deceased driver. The vehicle struck a curb and a road sign and burst into flames. The plaintiff asked the jury to award her $6 million for pecuniary loss of services, consortium, companionship, comfort, instruction, guidance, counsel, training and support caused by the death of her father, the deceased passenger. The jury found that the plaintiff had not met her burden to prove that the deceased driver failed to keep a careful lookout — the only allegation of negligence submitted — and a verdict for the defendant was returned.

A History of Success Representing Plaintiffs

  • Seven-figure settlement for a wrongfully terminated employee in a civil conspiracy lawsuit.
  • Six-figure settlement for an employee who had been spied upon and videotaped by an employer while the employee was changing clothes in the dressing room.
  • Six-figure settlement for a man who was turning left when a vehicle on State Line Road struck him and caused multiple broken bones. (The settlement arose from a counterclaim.)
  • Six-figure automotive settlement to a wrongfully accused driver.
  • Multiple major settlements for individuals injured during nursing home and restaurant slip-and-fall accidents.
  • Obtained a jury verdict in excess of five times the underlying insurance policy limit for a plaintiff who suffered a cosmetic deformity and soft tissue injuries as a result of the defendant driver’s negligence. Rather than facing the potential bad faith suit that would follow the excess verdict, the insurance company paid the entire verdict.