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Common trucking accident injuries

On Behalf of | Oct 25, 2022 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

Accidents are a major hazard for all drivers, but especially for those who drive a truck for a living, due to the amount of time those drivers spend on the road. Factors such as speeding, driving distracted or under the influence of alcohol, bad road conditions and driving recklessly all contribute to a higher risk of getting into a motor vehicle crash.

Here are some of the more common injuries experienced by truckers on Kansas City-area roads and highways.

Injuries to the head

The head is a very vulnerable part of the body and is susceptible to injury in a trucking accident. Signs of a traumatic brain injury, which include a bad headache, vomiting, dilated pupils and seizures, are something to take seriously and see a doctor about sooner rather than later.

Broken bones

When someone gets into a severe accident, their body might get tossed around the vehicle or even thrown outside of the truck. This can cause broken arms, legs and other bones in the body. Some signs of broken bones include pain, bruising, swelling and a misshapen appearance to the limb.


Vehicles involved in a crash can potentially catch on fire, which may lead to burns if someone is not able to leave the vehicle in a timely manner. Trucks, in particular, carry large amounts of fuel, making them even more vulnerable to large fires than smaller vehicles.

Everyone wants to help prevent traffic accidents, and being aware of the most common types of accident injuries alerts people to the importance of motor vehicle safety.