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Proven Litigators For Your Civil Defense Needs

At Harris & Hart Attorneys at Law, we are our clients’ primary advocates, providing counsel to them every step of the way as we fight to achieve the best possible outcome for insurance companies and the insured. As veterans of civil litigation, we are equipped to handle all aspects of these disputes, including pre-suit case analysis, trial litigation and all levels of the appellate process. Our status as one of the most sought-after civil litigation firms in Kansas and Missouri is built on our strong reputation of protecting the legal and financial interests of our clients.

A Strategic Approach To Civil Defense For Insurance Clients

Our firm’s experienced attorneys defend automobile insurance carriers, homeowners insurance carriers and their clients in claims brought against them by plaintiffs. Our civil defense services include:

  • First-Party Defense: Defending insurance companies against plaintiffs’ claims alleging fraud or wrongdoing by the insurance company.
  • Representing The Insured On Behalf Of Insurance Providers: Representing our insurance clients’ policyholders in lawsuits filed against them by a third party, including at-fault drivers in motor vehicle accidents and more.
  • Bad Faith Insurance Claims Defense: Defending insurance companies that have been sued based on allegations of bad faith, such as wrongfully denying a claim, willfully misinterpreting policies or failing to act in a reasonable time frame.
  • Declaratory Judgments: Representing insurance companies when complex questions arise regarding insurance coverage, with a successful record of pursuing declaratory judgment actions to obtain determinations of coverage.

As one of the region’s leading civil defense firms, insurance carriers of all sizes feel comfortable placing their complex cases in our hands. We’re proud of our proven track record that includes winning hundreds of insurance defense cases, policy coverage cases and appeals for insurers in Kansas and Missouri.

Let Us Be Your Advocate

We look forward to providing your organization with the tenacious and ethical counsel you need to protect your interests and achieve your goals. Call 913-800-6132 to schedule a consultation.